Don’t doubt Washington Football players, this is DT Elijah Qualls’ moment

TUCSON, AZ - NOVEMBER 15: Defensive lineman Elijah Qualls
TUCSON, AZ - NOVEMBER 15: Defensive lineman Elijah Qualls /

Falling to round six, former Washington Football defensive tackle Elijah Qualls remains the steal of the 2017 NFL Draft. The first evidence of the Philadelphia Eagles DT’s potential is starting to appear

The NFL truly had no clue what to make of former Washington football defensive tackle Elijah Qualls. He was too short to play defensive end, too light to play nose tackle, too short-armed to play defensive tackle, and too heavy to play outside linebacker. But he defied all the rules by showcasing the ability to perform across the defensive front. Thanks to that confusion, he fell in the NFL draft, all the way to round six when the Philadelphia Eagles, already shopping for veteran defensive tackle talent, took a chance on him.

Talk about scratching a winning lottery ticket on your last scratch ticket.

He is simply making the most of the opportunities afforded to him.

Diamond in the rough

Hey, don’t think I’m losing my sanity. I’m not. But there is a former Washington Football player busting his back to earn playing time on an NFL team which has no idea the true value of this player. But they are beginning to understand his passion and skillset.

And that’s a good thing.

Elijah Quall’s moment

The NFL roster is a tough assemblage of veteran and youth. High priced household names and discounted players trying to sustain the dream of playing in the NFL.  But occasionally, there is a unique player.  That young man clutches each and every chance to step onto the football field. He isn’t about the dream of playing NFL football someday. He exists in the moment. He focuses his regiment to preparing for the next moment.

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And when he steps onto the field, it becomes his moment.

Washington Football fans already know defensive tackle Elijah Qualls can be a difference maker. Now, that knowledge will become part of the Philadelphia Eagles fans too. Not a moment too soon, either.