Grow Up! Washington Football team 2018 recruiting class supersized

Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images /
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ATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 31: Jake Browning
ATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 31: Jake Browning /

Grow Up Washington!

The average player for the Washington Football team in 2016 stood 6-foot-1.6 inches tall, and weighed in at 232 pounds.  That is significant, as it is the average player prior to encountering Alabama in the post-season.

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Since that time, this team has focused on recruiting players for the class of 2018.  Just out of curiosity, what does that class average?  Well, what a coincidence! So far, this class of 2018 is averaging 6-foot-3.5 inches tall, and weighing in at 236 pounds.

Before the fact slips through the cracks, keep in mind we are talking about high school players about to enter their senior seasons.  They are still growing.

Recruiting supersized Huskies

This 2018 recruiting class is not simply large on talent. They stand tall against the competition, literally. Two incoming quarterbacks average 6-foot-4. Three receivers average 6-foot-4. Three offensive linemen average 6-foot-6.  Coincidence?

It’s the response to facing the more physical defense of Alabama. To defeat that team, the Washington Football team needs to dominate the line of scrimmage.  Running takes open lanes. Passing takes physical receivers who can fight past that line of scrimmage and catch the ball over defenders.