Washington Football’s Hail Mary is really Hey, Dante! – Dante Pettis

SANTA CLARA, CA - DECEMBER 02: Head coach Chris Petersen of the Washington Huskies talks to Dante Pettis
SANTA CLARA, CA - DECEMBER 02: Head coach Chris Petersen of the Washington Huskies talks to Dante Pettis /

The deep pass chews up yards like no other play, and can turn a game’s momentum. Often referred to as the Hail Mary! play, the Washington Football version is more akin to Hey Dante! thanks to WR Dante Pettis great reception percentage.

The Washington Football  team’s most dangerous play this season is the Hey, Dante!  What am I talking about?

In the wake of wide receiver John Ross traveling to the Cincinnati Bengals, the passing game for the Washington Huskies will need that go to guy who can stretch the field.  As a result, you may think that the team will have countless practices on the Hail Mary pass, trying to weed through all the potential receivers to identify the one pass catcher who can stretch the field.

But why go to all that trouble?  The heavy lifting is behind the coaching staff now.  The search is over, and that receiver is Dante Pettis:

Well rounded universal threat

On one hand, wide receiver Dante Pettis should be very familiar to Washington Football fans. After all, he returns from a very solid season. On the other hand, he is prepared to be the featured wide receiver for an offense which can score points by the bushel.

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  • But this is not an inheritance.  Pettis knows he must earn that role, and positioned himself to do just that.  He’s not alone. The team is counting on a huge year from returning quarterback Jake Browning.  Last season, Browning led the Pac-12 in a number of statistical categories despite injury during the season to his passing shoulder. Now healed, that arm will be even stronger and more accurate.

    And the favored target is Dante Pettis.

    Pettis has strong support

    Dante Pettis plays at a very mentally challenging position. A wide receiver can be the hero, to zero, and back to hero depending on the results of the most recent pass in his direction.

    But Pettis has strong mental discipline. That didn’t just fall into his lap, but is a result of his strong family bonds.

    Those bonds also extend to the Washington Football team. As a result, Pettis has learned to excel on the football field.  Last season, he accounted for 822 yards receiving and 15 touchdowns.  You can bet he will deliver more.

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    But the greatest moments in a game fall to the greatest players of the game.  Should the Washington Football team fall behind in a game, the Huskies may resort to a Hail Mary. But with his production, it won’t be long before fans and broadcasters refer to that deep pass as a “Hey Dante!”.