Washington Football team gears up for another strong season, the team must find leaders. Who will le..."/> Washington Football team gears up for another strong season, the team must find leaders. Who will le..."/>

Who will lead the Washington Football team in pass interceptions?

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 27: Defensive back Sidney Jones
SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 27: Defensive back Sidney Jones /

As the Washington Football team gears up for another strong season, the team must find leaders. Who will lead the team in pass interceptions?

The Pick.  Picked off. The I.N.T.  It can change the momentum of the game in such a way that some teams not only change their fortunes in one game, but for an entire season.  It can build the confidence of a defense. But an interception can break the spirits of the opposing offense.  The Washington Football team was pretty good at intercepting passes.  In fact, they led the Pac-12 in the feat last year with 19.

In fact, the Washington Football team made things happen last year in all sorts of ways.  The defense also led the conference in fumble recoveries too.

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But this is a new season, and that means new challenges.  If the Washington Football team is planning to defend the crown, the team must have players step up in game changing categories. So who will step up for the team this year?

Who will step up?

You can bet this team has had long discussions about who will step up for the team. And with so much hanging in the balance, the defense may give strong consideration to rotations to keep players fresh. As players begin to establish themselves, the team will likely settle in on the starters. Let’s name some names:

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6-foot-0   Taylor Rapp

Taylor Rapp led the team with four interceptions in 2016, so if falls to logic that he would be first on the list for this year. He is a very versatile defensive back, getting looks so far at safety and at the nickel back spot.  His pass defense skills are sneaky good, and before you know it he is returning a pick the other way.

If he gets plenty of time at the nickel, you can bet he will wind up as the top pass interceptor on the team.

6-foot-1   JoJo McIntosh

Safety JoJo McIntosh is already creating quite a buzz.  In fact, he has already been projected as one of the most versatile Washington Huskies in 2017 by ESPN.  And for good cause. He can simply do it all.

Yes, he can tackle. But that should not overshadow his overall football skills. If the ball is in his range, he will pull it in.

6-foot-2 Ezekiel Turner

Ezekiel Turner is a senior who will see plenty of looks pairing up with McIntosh this year. So far, the team has practiced the nickel package with Rapp lining up as the nickel back and Turner sliding in as the other safety. It will be curious to see how the team sets up when the season starts.

Turner is another solid hard hitting safety for the Huskies who can defend.

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6-foot-1 Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller was the depth behind starters Kevin King and Sidney Jones last season. While that didn’t give him as much opportunity to play on the field, it did give him plenty of practice in preparation for game day.

Now it’s his time, and he plans to take advantage of it.

5-foot-11 Byron Murphy

Spring practice was all about the performance of projected starting cornerback Byron Murphy. Hailing from Scotsdale Arizona, the red-shirted freshman is already raising plenty of eyebrows.  So many, in fact, that he has been named by Sports Illustrated as one of the top eight players poised for a breakout season.

Considering the void left in the wake of Kevin King, Sidney Jones IV, and Budda Baker,  Huskies fans everywhere hope that comes to pass.

5-foot-10 Austin Joyner

Austin Joyner is another solid defensive back for the Washington Football team. And he can play pass defense.  You may recall this circus catch interception from last year:

While he continues to fight through injuries, when healthy he has proven he can find the ball.

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This is a solid group of young men. Behind them are eager players hoping for the chance to step up and showcase their abilities.  After all is said and done, this is the defensive backfield of Coach Jimmy Lake.   He is one of the best defensive backfield coaches in the NCAA.  Initially, I wondered where the pass interception might come from.

Now? I can see this squad besting last year’s mark of 19.