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Washington Football passing game is in very good hands this season

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 31: Dante Pettis
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 31: Dante Pettis /
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SANTA CLARA, CA – DECEMBER 02: Chico McClatcher
SANTA CLARA, CA – DECEMBER 02: Chico McClatcher /

Watch Huskies take to the air

The Washington Football team has a offense capable of winning both on the ground and in the air. But while the team is most certainly expecting a monster year out of running back Myles Gaskin, there is reason to trust the skies. An effective passing game forces defenses to be honest. Defenders can crowd the box, or place up to eight defenders within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. It’s tough to find the open holes with that many bodies in the trenches.

But a quick slant, screen, or curl route can be just as effective as the running game, and stretches the field from side to side. If safeties crowd too close, a fly or post route can make them pay the price.

Washington wide-outs can catch the ball

The Washington Huskies were led in pass receptions last season by wide receiver John Ross. In fact, he accounted for a full third of the pass completions last year. Now, Pettis and McClatcher will be called upon to pick up that slack.

As the graphic in the first slide demonstrated, the Washington Football team boasts two of the top five wide receivers in the Pac-12.  Of the group, Dante Pettis leads everyone with a 139 passer rating to the quarterback who throws his way.  McClatcher is slightly behind at 109.9.

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What it comes down to is that the top two receivers on the Washington Football team are two of the top receivers in the Pac-12.  And in the end, it’s not just who throws the ball, but who they are throwing the ball to that makes the difference.  The Washington passing game is in good hands. Four good hands at last count.