WNBA Underway for Washington Huskies Alumni Kelsey Plum

The San Antonio Stars planned to trade the rights for Washington Huskies Kelsey Plum in the 2017 WNBA Draft. But their plan to convert Plum into other players fell apart. Now Plum is a top draft pick fighting for playing time

The 2017 WNBA Draft had no surprises about who would be selected first. As expected, University of Washington Huskies star guard Kelsey Plum heard her name called first in the draft.  The surprise came at the team calling her name.

The San Antonio Stars have two solid guards in the form of 5-foot-7 Moriah Jefferson and 5-foot-11 Kayla McBride. Kelsey Plum is a 5-foot-8 rookie guard.

And there is the rub.

McBride averages 17.1 points, 4.0 rebounds, 1.9 assists per game.  Jefferson averages 13.9 points, 2.1 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game.  So far, they have become two starters the San Antonio Stars are happy with.

Vice Reports Last Minute Deal Fell Apart

Vice Sports Howard Megdal reports that the Stars new head coach Vickie Johnson coveted Alaina Coates, the second player off the board to the Chicago Sky.   In fact, Megdal described a deal that was in place just before the draft was underway:

“it appeared a deal had been struck. Chicago, in need of a face of the franchise to replace Delle Donne, wanted Plum, either to keep for her star power or to trade for one of the packages that had been offered to San Antonio. Once the draft got underway, the Stars selected Plum. With the second overall pick, the Sky took Alaina Coates, the South Carolina big whom San Antonio coveted. Chicago had absolutely no place for another center on their roster. A number of players, Plum included, came to believe the deal was done.

And then it didn’t happen. San Antonio walked away, and kept Plum.”

Deals don’t happen frequently. But oftentimes, it never reaches the ears of the players. This one did.

Emerald City Swagger Reports No Deal Too.

This “oops” was also reported by Ben Renner at FanSided’s Emerald City Swagger.  In both articles, the reports hammer home the point that Kelsey Plum is on the roster of a team who didn’t want her.

I disagree.

Kelsey Plum is the epitome of professional.  She won’t sit out the season as reports suggest.  She won’t even question her spot on the team’s pecking order.  Kelsey Plum simply wants to play basketball.  As long as the San Antonio Stars give her ample opportunity, she will earn her keep.

The obvious solution is to play a three guard lineup, a WNBA version of small ball, and let the three guards rain treys upon their opponents.    But there is also the possibility of kicking McBride out to small forward, Plum to shooting guard, and see how that magic works.

No this is not the Washington Huskies anymore. But that simply means Kelsey Plum has a new opportunity to showcase her talents.

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