Projected Washington Husky Recruiting Class of 2017 Signing Day

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After a very successful 2016, the Washington Husky recruiting class must retool the football program for the 2017 football season. This is where the team stands:

The Washington Huskies had a great season in 2016, a season that fell short of the mark of a national championship. However, the team made it to the NCAA playoffs, a feat only four teams in the nation can claim.

Now, unfinished business must be handed off to the 2017 football program. A college football program is only as effective as the players recruited to the team. Since UW football is no exception, the February 1st Signing Day becomes very important to the Huskies.

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Signing Day

The fact is, that Signing Day is important to virtually every NCAA football program in the nation. That makes it a very competitive business to entice the right player to the right program. With less than a week remaining, the pressure to deliver quality talent is nearly unbearable.  Programs are talking to everyone.

But it’s not just signing anyone. With graduation, and declaring for the NFL, the Washington Huskies will be losing some key players this season. Let’s take a look at the players who will be hanging up their Huskies cleats: