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The Husky Haul Can Give You An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Legacy. Challenge. Competition. Experience. Comraderie.

If you are not on the court playing in the NCAA championship tournament with the ball in your hands, score tied, and laying it up for the winning score, you are not alone. But if you have a passion for the game of basketball, football, or the University of Washington athletics programs in general, then perhaps this message is for you.

You see, I like to read about the Washington Huskies, and I think you may have what it takes. If you have passion, an opinion, and a command of the English language, I am talking to you.  When you answer back, we have a dialogue.

Communicate, Your Career Depends On It

Communication is like any muscle or skill. It needs practice. The more you do it, the better at it you become. That’s how it works. I was fortunate, in that my life began at the infancy of the electronic age. Television was still new, and mistrusted.

Life was simpler then, we all gathered at the table for a family meal, we communicated long distance by becoming “pen pals” with citizens of other nations, we talked on a rotary dial phone for short intervals, because homes only had one phone, and we learned how to practice communication.

Technology Changed Everything

Now things have changed. We distill complete thoughts into 140 character tweets, and find ourselves locked into social media to form that bond with one another, to find people we have common experiences and beliefs with. But we keep it short, and simple.  What about the not so simple, or the not so short? What if you had the chance to explain why the University of Washington Huskies should be an impact team in the NCAA tournament of 2017?

Do you have the stuff to share that belief? Do you have strong opinions about the Washington Huskies? Are you proud enough about your alma mater to speak up?

What about the impact of the Peach Bowl Loss to Alabama? Has that given you an optimistic outlook for the football program? Do you look forward to the 2017 season, or replay highlights.

Is Everything Peachy?

Perhaps a memorable night where Markelle Fultz posed for a selfie with you just happened, and you wanted to tell the world. Could you, would you be able to? Some things are worth investing time into. Whether you are retired and have the wisdom of many years experience, or filled with youthful passion in your teens, you have something to say. Why not say it? Here at the Husky Haul, we all begin as fans who had something to say. Incredibly, we discovered we aren’t alone. Fans of each team, of each sport, have something meaningful and important to say. We not only give you the chance, we encourage you to do so. So what’s in it for you?

Every top runway model had to have his or her picture taken first.  Every sports writer starts who signs up at the national level begins with one story. Then another. You could handwrite those articles, photocopy it, and snail mail it to your friends, relatives, and even your favorite sports bar, but that takes up a lot of time for someone who wants to get into the business of sports writing, doesn’t it?

Communication Is Duct Tape For Your Resume, And Your Career

But even if your career goal is anything but the sports desk of a national sports network, writing gives you practice in one of the most human of abilities – communication. Master that, and you master life.  Not everyone has the knack to write.  As a matter of fact, communication is not a participation award.  It’s a skill that requires practice to attain, and then more practice to maintain.  And so, we invite you to join us at the cusp of something very special.  Join us at this historic point in time.  The Washington Huskies are earning a place as a national leader in collegiate sports. But they are just getting started.

Will the Huskies make it to the NCAA big dance this year?  Now that they are in the top tier of NCAA football, will they exact revenge for this year’s loss?  Can  Washington remain at the top of the NCAA?

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If they do, you could be the one who captures the moment for history. Click on this link and see if you have what it takes.  Take the chance, bet on yourself.   You may surprise yourself and discover you have a talent you didn’t know about.  You already have an eager audience.  I’m eager to read what you think.