Washington Huskies Football: Three Reactions from Training Camp Week One


With the first five days of practice in the books for the Huskies here are three reactions from week one of training camp.

Reaction#1 Patience will be a virtue for Husky Fans with Cyler Miles

Miles, in the first week has shown some rust from missing all of spring practice. This should not come as a surprise to Washington fans as Miles will have plenty of work to do in order to get a handle on the new offense. The talent is not a question as Miles is the most talented quarterback on the roster. The key is going to be to not rush Miles until he is completely ready to be in control of the offense. Thus, if it takes until the Illinois game then Husky fans are going to have to be patient enough to let Miles get back.

Reaction#2 The Young Freshmen in the Secondary are going to have an impact right away

With Budda Baker and Naijiel Hale already in the mix with the second defensive unit the secondary concerns that Washington has coming into the season will be eased right away. Baker, by all accounts has come in and displayed a very strong work ethic to go along with his talent.

Hale, came in as a four-star recruit and does not seem to be phased by the big stage of competing on the practice field at the PAC-12 level. In the end,  players like Baker, Hale, and Sidney Jones will overcome a lack of experience and enhance the Husky defense this fall.

Reaction#3 Emphasis focus on fundamentals and teaching

One of the many things that plagued the Husky program under Steve Sarkisian was the lack of attention to details. One thing that stands out right away about the new staff is the focus on the details. This will without question win Washington a game or two this season that they normally would lose. For example, the Stanford game was a debacle last season on special teams as Ty Montgomery went wild in the kick return game costing the Huskies. In order for a team to beat Washington this season they are going to have to be fundamentally sound. They will need to be fundamentally sound because the Huskies will not beat themselves.