Washington Huskies Football: Non-Conference Schedule Wish List SEC Edition


With this being the first year of the College Football Playoff  the schedule is going to become even more important moving forward. For Washington with its program on the upswing the quality of the schedule is going to be hot button topic for a long time. Thus, here is a quick look at would be  three intriguing home and home series for the Huskies starting with teams from the Southeastern Conference.

Choice #1  Georgia : There would be some fun storylines in this matchup as Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen has some history with the Bulldogs from his Boise State days. In 2011, the Broncos went into the Georgia Dome and dispatched Georgia 35-21 riding the accurate passing of Kellen Moore. The timing would be really good right now to play a home and home with the Bulldogs as both teams would match up pretty well with each other. In addition, the setting down in Athens between the hedges would make for one of the best road trip scenes in all of college football for Washington fans. On the other side, Georgia fans without question would make the journey up to Seattle in big time numbers to Husky Stadium.

Choice# 2 Texas A&M: This would be a fascinating home and home series between two teams that would match up very well with each other. Also, the chess match between Petersen and Kevin Sumlin would be something else even without Johnny Football playing for the Aggies. Then you also have the 12th Man connection with Texas A&M and the Seahawks that the media would have a field day with motivating Husky fans even more to prove who the best 12th man in college football truly is.

Choice# 3 Ole Miss: A home and home between Seattle and Oxford would be a fascinating one for both Washington and Ole Miss. The Rebels under the direction of Hugh Freeze are steadily getting better with outstanding recruiting within the fierce Southeastern Conference.These two teams from a style of play standpoint would light up the scoreboard with big plays offensively. Defensively, these two teams would make enough big plays to create a very dramatic finish in both games of a series.

Off the field all I can say to Husky fans is the tailgating and the scenery at the Grove would make a trip to say Arizona State look very mediocre at best.

Overall, these three home and home series would fit the bill nicely of having tough games for strength of schedule purposes without completely destroying the Huskies both mentally and physically. If anything playing a schedule of this caliber would only make Washington a stronger team in time for the Pac-12 conference portion of the schedule.