Washington Basketball: C.J. Wilcox NBA Draft Outlook


In what has been a tough time for Washington basketball there is the chance next Thursday night for another late first-round draft pick in guard  C.J. Wilcox. The progress that Wilcox made from freshman season to his senior year really stands out as an example of how player development is so important.

The Washington basketball program has lost its way in recent years by not going after the Quincy Pondexter, C:J. Wilcox type of player that belongs in the Pac-12 but have the ability to develop into excellent players that can play in the NBA. Wilcox, averaged 18.3 points per game in 2013-14, and over his career when he was on was one of the best perimeter shooters in the Pac-12 conference.

Moreover, Wilcox after redshirting in his first year turned himself into the second all-time leading scorer in Washington basketball history. This along with the 87.3 percent shooting from the foul line is going to have offensive starved teams in the NBA intrigued with Wilcox and his potential.

In addition, Wilcox has developed other skill sets besides shooting that should help him at the next level. Defensively, Wilcox averaged nearly four rebounds, a blocked shot and steal per game as a senior. This is good for Wilcox and whatever team drafts him as a designated shooter type of player.

Its good because the willingness to play some defense by Wilcox will be a vital asset for him as defense sometimes can be hard to come by over an 82 game regular season.  Thus, the young legs of Wilcox if lets say he was drafted by San Antonio would allow Gregg Popovich to be more aggressive in resting guys like Tony Parker and playing a Wilcox in regular season action.

Now, there are some limitations physically that could keep Wilcox from being a truly elite player at the next level. But, I would guess that Wilcox would never end up in a situation where he would need to carry a team on his back.  Consequently, that is why some team next Thursday night is going to get a very nice value if they choose to draft C.J. Wilcox.