The Cyler Miles Debate: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?


One of the hottest topics of debate so far in the first off season for new Washington head football coach Chris Petersen has been the status of redshirt sophomore quarterback Cyler Miles.

Miles, was not charged in a Super Bowl Sunday incident where he was linked to an assault that took place against a couple of Seahawks fans. Miles, is from Centennial, Colorado and a diehard Broncos fan according to reports and was recently reinstated to the Husky football program by Petersen.

This has been a polarizing debate amongst the Husky nation as there are many who think Miles should not be on the team even though he was not charged with any crime. The guilty before proven innocent mentality being displayed by this faction of Husky fans has quite frankly been shameful.

It has been shameful because at the crux of this mentality is the fact that people are offended because this incident took place toward Seahawks fans. This has nothing to do with anything else but that because if you even try to remotely criticize a Seahawks fan or player they get borderline crazy.

It’s comparable to the the crazy and obsessed SEC football fan who gets bent out of shape if you even bring up factual criticism of the SEC.

Miles did make a mistake by showing suspect judgment but at the end of the day he did not get behind the wheel of a car like Austin Seferian-Jenkins did while intoxicated which leads to the double standard mindset of Washington football fans that is in play right now.

Seferian-Jenkins was at least given some leeway by this same group of fans that have been on the attack with Miles. If Seferian-Jenkins can be allowed to come back after committing a crime, spending a day in jail for his DUI I then there is absolutely zero reason for Miles who was not charged with anything to not be reinstated.

Now, in looking toward the fall would it shock me if Miles was left from the Hawaii trip no and if I am in the shoes of Chris Petersen and decide to suspend him would I make the information public right away.

I would not unless directed to by athletic director Scott Woodward or upper campus at the University of Washington. In this ridiculously over reactive age of Husky fans acting as the self -righteous morality police people need to look themselves in the mirror first and stop acting so entitled.

Chris Petersen did not get to be a multiple time National Coach of the Year and go 92-12 at Boise State by not running a disciplined ship. Thus, if he sees fit for Miles to be a part of the team then he should be afforded to learn and grow from this mistake he made on Super Bowl Sunday.

That is what college football is still about being able to develop student athletes on the field and off the field to compete in everyday society.