Washington Huskies Football: Coach Sarkisian’s Biggest Test


So, here we are. Again. It’s the biggest game of Sark’s career at UW. Again. It feels like we have about four of these every single year, right? Well, that’s because we do. Big wins followed by deflating and inexplicable losses will do that to a program.

I still say this one is different because of what will happen after the game is over. Win and the Dawgs are 7-3 with a signature win on the road and a very real chance of finishing 9-3. Lose and we’re 6-4 with no signature road win heading in to another place we’ve struggled over the past decade and the Apple Cup looming. It’s very possible that if we lose tonight, we’re finishing this season 6-6.

If we win, all of the talk about Sark not being the guy can stop. People don’t realize how far this program has come since he took over. If we lose however, the talk about Sark not being the guy should ramp up. I have been a Sark apologist for a long time, but this team – with the talent they have and the experience they bring to each game – should NOT struggle the way they have on the road against teams they should beat or at the very least compete with.

All of the sudden, this is very black and white. There’s no need to dive into stats, previous records or write a very long and flowing prose about how critical this game is for the program. For the last time, this is the biggest game of the Sark Era. Win now, or else.

Go Dawgs and bow down.