Huskies in the NBA: Nate Robinson Featured In Uncle Drew Chapter Three


A set of mockumentary-style advertisements for Pepsi MAX featuring NBA star Kyrie Irving dressed up as old-school baller Uncle Drew have racked up millions of views on Youtube through two installments. In “Uncle Drew: Chapter Three” a third member of Drew’s long-disbanded team is introduced, and under all the makeup you may recognize a former University of Washington star by the name of Nate Robinson.

I hesitated to include Robinson’s name in the title, or even in the post, but I figured that even a casual Husky fan would recognize Nate within about three seconds of his appearance in the video, old-man makeup or not. Plus, if you’ve been paying any attention to former Huskies playing in the NBA, you probably would have guessed Nate all the way even if the title was “Former UW Star Featured in Uncle Drew.”

It’s a logical move for the high-flying, big-talking 5’9″ point guard, currently set to play for the Denver Nuggets this season after leading the injury-depleted Chicago Bulls to a surprise first-round playoff victory over the Nets last season. After putting up one of the best seasons of basketball in Washington history during his senior season, including averages of 16 points, four assists and four rebounds, Robinson has found a niche in the NBA as a mercurial off-the-bench scorer and playmaker. Despite constantly moving from team to team and short-term contract to contract, Robinson has stuck in the league mainly through a dogged approach to the game and outrageous athleticism.

Combine his penchant for highlight-reel plays with his love for showmanship and you have a natural choice for Kyrie’s aged all-star cast.