Washington vs. Oregon: Gameday Guide


Alright, today’s the day. Below are some links to read before the Washington vs. Oregon game at 1pm on Fox Sports 1.

I’ve struggled with my prediction all week long. Oregon is obviously favored based on a dominant start to the year, a lethal offense featuring Heisman-favorite Marcus Mariota, and the number one scoring defense in the conference. They have beaten the Huskies nine times in a row, and only USC, Stanford, LSU, and Auburn have beaten them over the past several years.

There are reasons to be very hopeful as a Husky fan, mainly that the team just lost to #5 Stanford 31-28 on the road. It’s logical to assume that the team will play even better at Husky Stadium, and that after a week of heavy emphasis the special teams issues will be taken care of. Yet Oregon is still #2 in the nation, the best team in the conference. I hope I’m wrong, but:

Oregon 38, Washington 31

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

  • To stand a chance, Washington must cut down the mistakes on special teams and improve special teams play.