Washington vs. Stanford: Gameday Guide


There are just under nine hours left before kickoff against Stanford, which means you have some serious time to kill. Watching other teams play throughout the day might not do it. So if you need your Husky fix far before the evening rolls around, read all of our posts from this week regarding this game against the number five team in the nation. Right around seven we will also post a live thread, something we have not done very often. Basically, it will be a short post with some basic TV and streaming info, but below in the comments the Husky Haul staff will be discussing the game, and we’d love if you’d all join us.

I usually throw out my game prediction in this post. Last year I picked a slim Stanford win and it felt great to be wrong. If this game were in Seattle I like to think I’d learn from the mistake, but this is a top-five team playing at home. I have to go with Stanford by a slim margin once again, mostly due to the Cardinal’s advantage in the trenches, especially on the offensive line. It also doesn’t help that Washington’s advantage at the skill positions is a lot slimmer than you might expect based on the “Stanford Runs” stereotype.

No one should be completely shocked by a Washington upset, but considering that the team’s only road game this year was a 34-24 win over Illinois, their closest contest of the year, I can’t take such a large leap of faith without feeling like a homer. That being said, here’s to hoping I’m wrong.

Stanford 30, Washington 24

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