Washington Huskies Football: Turf Installed At Husky Stadium


Now that we are a mere 86 days from opening night versus Boise State, Husky Stadium is really coming together. Most of the outside is done, so now the focus is turning to the inside. As the construction crew laid the first piece of field turf, the Twittersphere blew up with photos of the sparkling new stadium.

First, the official Twitter account of Husky Stadium gave us some visuals.

They even provided us with a video of the installation!

Later, assistant coach Peter Sirmon tweeted out (in my mind) the best photo of them all. The view seems to be from around section 114, right outside the football operations offices.

As it all is put into place, I can see why we waited out a season at Century Link Field. What was already one of the most storied and beautiful venues in college football is now one of the most modernized, while still having the backdrop of Lake Washington and the mountains. 86 days.