Changes at the Husky Haul


After enjoying a great seven months as lead editor here at the Husky Haul, I will now be stepping aside, as I’ll be studying abroad in Rome from April 2nd to June 16th. Taking my place will be Evan Webeck, who has been doing a great job as a staff writer here during the last few months. Obviously you’ll be seeing (well, reading…) a lot more from him now that he will be running the site, and I’m certain you will all enjoy his opinions and analysis in the weeks and months to come.

I intend to contribute to the site while I am in Europe, but my living situation and the time difference make it unclear just how regular my contributions will be. Perhaps it will be almost like there are two editors, if I end up having that sort of time, but it’s more likely that I act as more of a staff contributor, as far as frequency of posting is concerned. When I return, I fully intend to step back in as editor of a Fansided site, whether that means Evan and I serving as co-editors in order to take HH to the next level, or something else entirely.

It was a blast covering both football season and basketball season for the first time, and though there were many typos in need of correction and tweets that resulted in misunderstanding or controversy, I believe that all the mishaps and rough patches along the way have helped me to grow as a writer and a sports thinker (couldn’t think of a less arrogant term), and I enjoyed writing each and every day (except for postgame after Husky basketball defeats). Thanks to everyone who has read a HH article in the last seven months, and thanks to everyone who has tweeted @HuskyHaul in that time.

Please follow Evan @EWeebs, and please continue to depend on Husky Haul as your source for Husky news, analysis, and opinions throughout the offseason and into the start of the first football season in the new Husky Stadium.