Marques Tuiasosopo To Washington Rumors Abound


While there were rumblings of this possibility yesterday, it was this morning that multiple sites began to report, via anonymous sources, that former Husky star Marques Tuiasosopo, the current wide receivers coach at UCLA, has been offered the position of quarterbacks coach. Of course, that spot is already occupied by Eric Kiesau, so if Tui did decide to come on board, it’s likely that Kiesau would relocate to his more natural position, wide receivers coach.

Unlike the Steve Sarkisian to Philadelphia rumors that have also been swirling around, this one actually seems pretty reasonable. Shortly after his playing career ended, Tuiasosopo was part of the Washington coaching staff as an assistant strength coach before he went down to UCLA to take advantage of the opportunity to coach on-field as a legitimate assistant in 2011. Since the, he has earned a reputation as a solid recruiter and a solid coach.

When you combine the family ties (anyone who considers themselves a Husky fan probably knows all about the Tuiasosopo family in Woodinville) with Marques’ status as a former player and his rising status as an assistant, and this one makes good sense. Personally, I think it would be far better to have Kiesau switch back to coaching wide receivers in order to give Marques a shot. Even if Price’s struggles can’t be blamed on Kiesau directly, it’s worth wondering if a change would be helpful there, and the wide receivers (beyond Kasen Williams) were not all that great last year, and you have to figure they’d benefit from having more direction from Kiesau, who has coached wide receivers for years.

Still, even the anonymous sources being quoted are only saying that the job has been offered, not accepted. When more news is available, I will pass it on.