The Morning Haul: 11/16


First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of content the past few days. Most of articles posted have been written by terrific staffers new and old, which is great, but ideally I would be adding in several posts a day to go along with their contributions, and after a few days of intense class work involving multiple essays, short stories, and midterms, I will be clear to immediately ramp back up starting today. With both a football and a basketball game coming up today and tomorrow, it’s the perfect time to be ready to write. On that note, expect previews of both the football game against Colorado and the basketball game against Seton Hall today, the football preview early in the day, the basketball preview later in the afternoon.

As always, thanks for reading, enjoy the stories below, and have a great day.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Lots of links because it’s been a couple days since the last morning haul. Normally I do it every morning, but sometimes that seems like a little overkill if there aren’t a ton of solid stories.

First, five questions and five answers on Colorado from Condotta’s blog.

Position previews from the Dawg Pound, first the offense, and then the defense.

Isaac Hamilton is no longer considering Washington, which is unfortunate.

Trufant is headed to the Senior Bowl!

In case you haven’t heard, ASJ plays some defense.