The Morning Haul: 11/7


It may have been lost in the wave of election coverage that suddenly gripped the attention of the entire country, but Husky sports continue on without pause. Shawn Kemp is injured for 6-8 weeks, and Steve Sarkisian’s team is getting ready to face Utah for the final home game of the season.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Here is a Bob Condotta story about Shaq Thompson and his terrific freshman season. It is also one of the first articles I have read that has openly referred to Shaq as having switched from safety to linebacker, without a whole lot of mention of the “nickelback” position Thompson is listed as playing on the depth chart. Interesting to see that Condotta, at least, isn’t really playing that game anymore. Thompson is a just slightly undersized linebacker, and there really isn’t a reason not to call him one.

What do you know, Gregg Bell also just wrote a story about Shaq Thompson and his two positions, safety and linebacker, though he talks a lot about the idea of a hybrid safety/linebacker role, rather than simply calling Shaq a linebacker.

Something from the News Tribune about the evolution and emergence of Bishop Sankey. Such a terrific player to watch.