The Morning Haul: 11/6


Wanted to mention that the Pac-12 Basketball Previews will be continuing, half from John Chase and half from myself. Count on one every day or two until all 12 teams are covered around the time the non conference season starts. Also, in the few days leading up to the 11th, count on extensive previews of the Husky basketball team as well.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Gregg Bell discusses a topic that has not been brought up nearly enough this year: penalties. The Huskies have not shown discipline in this respect, especially when it comes to personal fouls. I’m looking at you, Danny Shelton.

Usually not a space for a ton of WSU discussions because, after all, this is a site dedicated to Husky sports information, but I think the debate over whether or not Leach should publicly call out his players is an interesting one. Personally, I think it’s a weak thing to do. If Leach has a problem with his players, he should talk to them about it privately or as a team. If he really feels like these players need to be mocked for him to get his point across, perhaps there is a deeper problem.

Oh, also, very important to point out that there may be more to the Marquess Wilson story than I initially reported. When Wilson’s status becomes clearer, I will post a new story.