The Morning Haul: 10/29


Before the Oregon State game, pretty much everyone was writing about how it was a season defining game. The whole year could either be ruined or saved depending on the results. Still, even if it was expected, it’s crazy to me just how true it is.

Right now, confidence is pretty high. Even though the win wasn’t pretty, the fact that the Huskies close out the season against four pretty mediocre teams has the fan base optimistic about an 8-4 finish. But, if the Huskies had lost, things would be very, very different. The calls for Sark’s job would be louder, the cries for a new starting quarterback would be shriller. A 7-5 record would be the best possible finish for the regular season, and the season would be labelled a complete and utter failure. The future would be incredibly uncertain.

Of course, it isn’t certain that Washington will take care of business in the next several weeks. Three of the four final games are on the road, where the Huskies have struggled horribly in three losses. But just imagine how much worse things could be right now.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Bud Withers of the Seattle Times does a good job highlighting the certainty of uncertainty these days.

The Dawg Pound handing out grades to the various position groups against Oregon State.

California is favored over Washington by four points. To me, it should be even, or in favor of Washington by a few points. I don’t care if Washington has been blown out on the road by LSU, Oregon, and Arizona. Cal is not even close to the level of those three teams.