The Morning Haul: 10/26


Good morning! Mostly football links this morning, with Oregon State on the slate for tomorrow, and with the one little blip on the basketball radar, in the form of the exhibition against Western Washington, gone for now. The basketball coverage will definitely pick up in the first week of November, when we start digging into preseason predictions and previews, and things will really get going around November 11th, the first official game of the season.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

A couple of good links to the Dawg Pound, including offensive position previews of Oregon State and a roundtable discussing Coach Sark.

A free article from Rivals highlighting five Beavers to watch tomorrow.

The new graduation success rate numbers are in, and it looks like Washington continues to graduate players at rates that rank near the top of the conference in both basketball and football.

For those Huskies that have been around far longer than me, here is a Q&A with Derek Johnson about Dave Hoffman and the book they recently wrote together called The Husky Hitman: The Life and Times of a Linebacker in the Golden Age of Washington Football. I have to say, if there is one thing that holds me back at times, it is my lack of historic knowledge of the program. I’m simply too young to remember most of the best moments of the program, and realistically, the Huskies have mostly been terrible the entire time I’ve been old enough to consider myself a true fan. Books like this one will help me to try to fill in some of those blank spaces in my knowledge.