The Morning Haul: 10/25


Good morning! It has been super refreshing to cover both Husky Basketball and Football fully the past few days, and I can’t wait until November when both sports will be fully in season. The rest of 2012 will be wonderful. As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy your Thursday.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

A ranking of the conference quarterbacks from Pacific Takes that has Keith Price dead last. I think that may be a little extreme, but it isn’t off by that much. I would probably say 9th or 10th rather than 12th.

A story on the football Wilcox and the struggles of his defense the past few weeks. It really did seem like Wilcox had changed the culture and was capable of crafting superior game plans to beat specific opponents, but it turns out that was really just what we saw against Stanford. Other than that single game, the Huskies have not played impressively against a single formidable opponent. Take away that one win, and this season truly isn’t much different than last year, except last year Washington had a super effective quarterback piloting an offense that averaged over 30 points a game.

Official Gregg Bell summary of the husky basketball team’s win over Western last night, including a box score with complete stats. Worth noting that Andrew Andrews scored 14 points in his first real game after redshirting his freshman year. He looked confident, and he logged substantial minutes in the first half at point guard after Gaddy found himself in some foul trouble. Particularly impressed with the 6-6 shooting from the line. I know that should be expected out of guards, but in his first real game as a Husky, he managed to knock them down, something many Washington players have struggled with in the past couple years.