The Morning Haul: 10/24


With the exhibition against Western Washington University taking place today at 7pm, a lot of the links this morning are basketball related. On that same note, check in throughout today, as I will have several basketball and football related posts up at various times, including my prediction for the WWU game.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Kevin Cacabelos, of SB Nation, has written a terrific preview of the husky basketball team. I can’t say that I truly disagree with a single thing he says, and it’s certainly worth a read.

The News Tribune taking a look at the odd coincidence of Brad Jackson, new UW assistant coach and longtime head coach at WWU, coaching his first game as a Husky against his former team. That’s a little awkward.

Percy Allen has an interview with Desmond Simmons that allows him to delve into the new high-post offense and a lot more about the team. Nothing shockingly new, but it does nothing to change my opinion that Simmons will have a very solid year, and that the team as a whole will surprise people in the Pac-12 due to their experience and team chemistry.

Condotta has an update on ticket sales, which stand at 56,000 as of yesterday, making this a pretty average game as for as 2012 attendance has gone. There will be some empty seats, but nothing outrageous. Also worth noting that the betting line continues to favor Oregon State by only about five points. I get that the Beavers haven’t always looked pretty this year, and that Mannion is returning off of an injury, but that still seems much too low considering how bad the Huskies have looked, and the fact that the Beavers simply refuse to lose to anyone this year.

Finally, Todd Dybas of The News Tribune believes that Price needs to be fixed, not abandoned.