The Morning Haul: 10/23


Today, I will be writing a preview and a prediction for the Husky basketball game against Western Washington University on Wednesday. I don’t care how bad things are for Husky football, or how insignificant a game against a division II opponent is. I’m excited.

It’s my very first game from the Dawg Pack, which will bring a whole new level of intensity to the experience. Not to mention pretty terrific seats. Also, it signals the beginning of regular season level coverage of the basketball team. That will be an absolute blast. I love writing about football, but I often feel like there is more of a visceral, action-oriented element to writing about a basketball game. It’s easier to get a feel for a specific player, and things can be broken down to the individual level rather than referring to things mostly as a collective “defense” or “offensive line” that is really a generalization of several individuals.

Should be a great year of coverage.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Jerry Brewer with a story on Sark’s struggles and current attempt to flip things around. It’s crazy how quickly things turn, as far as how we are discussing this team. Doesn’t Stanford seem like an eternity ago?

According to Gregg Bell, Sark and Price have been here before. To me, it has never been nearly this bad for Sark.

Thought I would pass along the depth chart and game notes.