The Morning Haul: 10/20


I am home this weekend, as I talked about yesterday morning, but the schedule has been hectic. I went from my midterm yesterday afternoon straight to traffic, and once I got back to Bellingham and caught up with the family a little bit, it was straight to bed. Now I wake up and I’m off to go paintballing for a friend’s birthday. Then I will be home to live tweet the game from my living room. I don’t highlight these commitments to gripe, but simply to explain why this hasn’t been an ideal week for content on the site. The routine has gotten broken a little, but it will be back to normal shortly. Still, I had no time to write my normally large game preview and prediction article, so I will have to just throw up my game prediction right after this is posted and just call that good.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

All sorts of great links. First, a quick game story from the News Tribune, as well as Condotta’s story about the offense and the need for it to step up.

Also the pick from Condotta and the score prediction from the Dawg Pound. I’ll give you a hint…one picks the Huskies, one doesn’t.

And just in case you need a fix of info on Arizona this morning, here is a Q&A session from the Dawg Pound.