The Morning Haul: 10/19


Good morning all! I have midterms today and this Monday, so studying has had to take a little bit of a priority over Husky Haul for a few days. So, the Arizona Game Preview and Prediction that would normally be posted early Friday morning may not be up until the afternoon. After my tests today, I’ll be driving home to Bellingham for the weekend, so I will have plenty of time to sit in my old bedroom and type up Husky articles. I’ll also be able to live tweet the Arizona game from the Husky Haul twitter, which will be nice. After Monday, all will be totally back to normal, so be ready for tons of fresh content. As always, thanks for reading.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

The Dawg Pound comes through with their week eight conference picks, in addition to a roundtable on the first half of the season, and what we’ll be seeing going forward.

There have been a ton of half way point All-Pac-12 Teams posted online, but this one from Ted Miller is worth linking in my mind because of how accurate I think it is. Obviously you can be free to disagree with me, but I have been put off by some of the selections of other publications. In particular, I think having Desmond Trufant as a first team corner and Zach Ertz of Stanford shows that Miller is really paying attention.

Finally, a little Husky basketball action from Percy Allen on Darin Johnson and his commitment, along with some basketball links.