Washington Football: Dawgs Vs. Wildcats Brief History


We’ve reached the half-way mark of the college football season – thanks for hanging with us at the Husky Haul! Coming off another big loss is tough—sadly Seattle fans are all too familiar with the concept. But fans stick it out for those outlier games with magic moments, like last Sunday with the Hawks’ victory over the Pats! (Just had to mention it because it was AWE-SOME!) So Dawg fans, keep your chin up and look forward to the next game, which is this Saturday against the Arizona Wildcats in Tucson, Arizona.

Whenever the Huskies play the Wildcats, I always think of the movie “Speed” – if you don’t know why, go watch it, great movie. For those of you who want more than a movie factoid, here are some stats on the past match-ups between UW and the University of Arizona (UA):

September 29, 2012; Tucson, AZ, USA; Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott (10) throws for a first down against the Oregon State Beavers in the fourth quarter at Arizona Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-US PRESSWIRE

1) Extending the Streak?

Meeting since 1978, the most recent game between these Pac-12 opponents in 2011 was an exciting one with high offense. Particularly impressive was Husky running back Chris Polk, who put on a how-to clinic by scoring five touchdowns, rushing for 144 yards on 34 carries and 100 yards receiving. Polk made school history by becoming the first Husky ever with 100 yards rushing and receiving. Dawgs and Wildcats were neck-and-neck going into the fourth quarter, but while Arizona could only put up a field goal, Washington answered with two touchdowns, pulling away with the win and a final score of 42—31.

2) Up For Grabs

If the last five years are any indication of who might win this Saturday, then the odds are 50-50 since Washington and Arizona seem to take turns winning and losing against each other. As stated earlier, UW won in 2011, and before that, in 2009 and 2006. But the Wildcats prevailed in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

One thing’s for sure: Arizona’s game is big on offense. In the last five years against the Dawgs, the Wildcats’ final score has been in the high double digits, including back-to-back years where UA put on the board exactly 48 points against UW in 2007 and 2008.

3) Who Wants To Be 4—3?

Considering that Arizona lost to UW last year and has lost their last three games, including their most recent tear-jerker in overtime against Stanford with a final score of 48—54, the Wildcats are likely to live up to their name and fight hard for the win this Saturday. But then again, the Huskies also want the win after their last two disappointing games. In terms of record, with UW at 3—3, 1—2 Pac-12 and UA at 3—3, 0—3 Pac-12, the teams are evenly matched, so it’s just a matter of who wants the win more. It’s bound to be an exciting game!