The Morning Haul: 10/16


There really has been a lot of love for Desmond Trufant. Despite the fact that the Huskies lost to the Trojans, the clear consensus that Trufant won his battle with Marqise Lee was still reached. There was no clouding or confusing this analysis. It was plain to see, and it was reflected in the 2 catches that Lee managed all game long.

Perhaps even more remarkable than Desmond’s play on the field is the rising level of local sports media hype around the senior cornerback. Seriously, pretty much every newspaper or website that covers the Huskies has had a Trufant story. That isn’t to say that he shouldn’t be talked about. I have definitely talked about him often, and I was not by any means the first. But that doesn’t make it any less remarkable that it was so suddenly commonly agreed upon that Trufant was a stud. He was never heavily criticized by the fan base, but I would also say that it would have been highly controversial to call him one of the best two or three corners in the nation, which is exactly what Coach Sarkisian proclaimed leading up to USC.

Usually things sort of take place gradually, as different individuals come to a conclusion about a player at different times. In this case, it seems like one writer typed something up about Trufant being looked at in a more positive light by scouts and published it, and upon seeing it, everyone else just sort of realized that it was true. Trufant really has elevated his play this season, but it is interesting to look and see at the role of the media in taking a solid opinion or observation and transforming it into a widely accepted reality.

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