The Morning Haul: 10/15


Yesterday was a good day and a bad day for the Huskies. For one, early in the morning, news came out that Alameda Ta’amu had been arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest, and a number of other charges. I really didn’t see this sort of ridiculously irresponsible behavior coming from a player that seemed to graduate as a grown man, mentally as well as physically. One mistake doesn’t define a person, but this is a pretty serious mistake. Hopefully it doesn’t damage Ta’amu’s career too much, and more importantly, hopefully it’s not something he repeats.

The day wasn’t all bad though, as Darin Johnson, a class of 2013 shooting guard from Sacramento, committed to play basketball for the Huskies. If you tack on Aaron Gordon to this class, it could be legendary. If Romar can’t reel Gordon in, the addition of Johnson will keep it solid.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Jerry Brewer pretty much states things perfectly, as far as the rest of the husky football season is concerned: Huskies survive gauntlet, but they’re no lock to take off in the second half.

Dawg Pound with some grades for the USC game.

The Huskies are 4.5 point underdogs against Arizona, which is interesting to me, mainly because I believe that while that figure is perfectly logical, it does not accurately represent the expectations and feelings of the Washington fan-base. I feel that most fans will really be expecting a win after seeing the Huskies defeat high ranking Stanford and compete with another highly ranked USC team. Those are the sort of raised expectations Coach Sark will have to deal with as the program moves forward.