The Morning Haul: 10/8


Good Morning!

It is officially a new week, so if you’ve been wanting to completely forget about the Oregon game, go ahead and put it out of your head. It is time to start thinking about the USC Trojans, a team that is ranked just outside of the top-10, but that seems so much more beatable than the Ducks.

In fact, while it may be a little off to say the Huskies should win against USC, I don’t think anyone would be shocked, considering this is a Trojan team that lost to Stanford, whom the Huskies managed to beat not long ago. Of course, it’s always a little ridiculous to try to play that game of comparing teams based on what other teams have beat them, as football is a game of match-ups, but it is encouraging. It also helps that this game will be played in CenturyLink.

I will be very interested to see the attendance numbers this Saturday. For the Stanford game, attendance was still around 56,000, even if the environment was lively, but a near-full house against USC would serve to validate the theory that the Thursday date of the Stanford game kept people away. If not, it will be clear that the problem goes further than the day of the week.

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