The Morning Haul: 10/6


It is game day! Now, the game isn’t until 7:30, so we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 hours to wait, but it is in fact the day of the game. Yesterday, in my Pregame Preview and Prediction, I decided to absolutely go for broke and pick the Huskies to upset Oregon, so I have a lot riding on this game, at least in my own mind.

So for now I’ll just sit at my computer and stress while you read all of these articles I’m linking you to. Also, remember that, as this is a road game, I will be watching the game with a computer on my lap, so check out the @HuskyHaul twitter feed for game updates and observations, and check this site for halftime and post-game insight.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

So many preview articles! First, Bob Condotta of the Times delves into the recent Oregon habit of playing opponents close in the first half before absolutely exploding in the third quarter. It will be something to watch tonight: if the Huskies are barely down, or barely up, at the half, I will not be at all satisfied until I see what Oregon does after the half.

Next, the News Tribune takes a look at the 8 year losing streak that Washington has racked up against Oregon.

The official Gregg Bell story on Washington’s “Great Opportunity.”

The Dawg Pound’s prediction. It isn’t as optimistic as my prediction, but it’s a good read if you’re still looking for your fix of game info.

Finally, here is Condotta’s preview and pick, which is also not all that optimistic.