The Morning Haul: 10/2


Good morning everyone! Literally three minutes ago, I confirmed the purchase of my 2012-2013 Men’s Basketball Dawg Pack Season Tickets. I have heard again and again that it’s almost impossible for freshman to get season tickets, but apparently, as long as you have purchased football season tickets, it’s as simple as following the exact same process as everyone else, with no extra hoops to jump through based on grade.

So, I am happy to say that I will be able to attend every single home basketball game. It was something I had stressed about for quite awhile, and now, it’s off my mind. Within a few weeks, basketball season will begin while football season is still chugging along, resulting in an awesome double

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Another awesome piece by Gregg Bell, this one going into the Oregon game and the practice techniques of the Huskies.

Percy Allen has a quick update on the recruiting trips of the weekend. Obviously no new commitments, as a post would have gone up on Husky Haul and every other site, but it sounds like all three recruits that visited had a great time.

The News Tribune explains why he is taking a very different approach to the Oregon game as compared to the lead-up to LSU.