The Morning Haul: 9/26


Good morning everyone! Today is game-day eve, and that’s a wonderful thing, as it means that we are less than twenty-four hours away from game-day. While this won’t be my first home game in the student section, it is my first home game that is taking place during the school year, which pretty much makes it my first game. Even though ticket sales seem a little disappointing so far, I am still expecting a much, much more intense environment than the San Diego State or Portland State games, especially in the Dawg Pack, which is obviously where I will have my seat.

The other nice thing about it being Wednesday is that there is no shortage of informative links for me to throw up for you. All good reads that will teach you something about the game or the team that you probably didn’t know.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times Husky Football Blog has his five questions feature, this time the questioning Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News. Condotta also posted an interesting look at the third receiver spot for the Huskies.

The Dawg Pound (with a brand new look) is picking the Pac. They’re also rounding out the position previews with this look at the Stanford special teams.

A look from Percy Allen at Josh Garnett, the highly rated offensive tackle from Puyallup that picked Stanford over the Huskies last year.

Hey, look, a prediction! Unfortunately, it’s one Husky fans might not love.