The Morning Haul: 9/25


Had my first day of class yesterday, and I have to say, it felt great to start out my college education. Sure, both my lecture classes are well over 250 students, and I still have pretty much no idea what I’m doing, but at least I feel collegiate to the max. During the next couple weeks, I’ll just have to learn how to do everything else.

As far as the Huskies go, it’s only two days from game-day, so I’ll have my Pac-12 picks out today, and my preview of the Stanford game, including my personal pick of the score, tomorrow morning. I’ll be at the Stanford game, getting rowdy in the Dawg Pack, so I really couldn’t be more excited for Thursday to come around. It should be a hell of a time.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Here is the Dawg Pound’s position preview of the Stanford Defense.

An article from the News Tribune highlighting Stanford’s tough run defense.

Gregg Bell want’s everyone to know about DiAndre Campbell and his first real opportunity to contribute on the field as a Husky.

In case you got caught up in all the Seahawks craziness and missed this, Reggie Moore, Washington State’s Senior point guard, was dismissed from the program for violation of team rules. That will really hurt the Cougars.