The Morning Haul: 9/23


So, Oregon is super good. That has been true, and obvious, the entire season, but it has never been more blatant than it was last night in Oregon’s 49-0 beat down of Arizona. The most shocking part of last night’s box score, to me at least, is that no one player really had a remarkable stat line. De’Anthony Thomas was limited to a fairly human 48 yards on 10 carries, and Marcus Mariota has 260 passing yards with 2 touchdowns and an interception.

More than anything, it was the Oregon defense that really dominated, and that’s a scary thought. When talking about the prospect of beating the Ducks, it has always been brought up that their defense was good, but not the sort of unit that puts up zeros. If you could keep up with the Oregon offense, you were thought to have a chance. Well, apparently that talk reached the defensive players in Eugene, because they were having none of that against Arizona.

As far as the Huskies are concerned, I’m not sure how much hope their is of beating Oregon when Arizona, a team I’m not all that confident Washington would beat, hardly appeared to belong on the field against them.

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