The Morning Haul: 9/21


I’m officially moved into my dorm room now, and now that I reside at the University of Washington, I feel like my coverage of Husky news will be that much more genuine. That might be complete bull, but it sure feels true.

At the very least, I’m fully settled in, so coverage will pick up after a bit of a mini-slump the past few days. We are also starting to ramp up contributions from both new and existing staff members. Check in often leading up to the Stanford game for thorough coverage.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Two sets of Pac-12 picks, this one from the ESPN Pac-12 blog, and another from the fellows at the Dawg Pound.

Bob Condotta with a story about Shaq Thompson and his successful start to the season. I’m extremely excited at the thought of Shaq playing several more years at UW. Just imagine what sort of impact he will be making by the time he’s a junior.

DirecTV replied to the Pac-12 Network’s latest statement. It’s just more childish back and forth, but I figured it was certainly worth passing along. I’m honestly not confident that a deal will ever get done between the two angry entities, and I’m not sure either of them could tell you either.