The Morning Haul: 9/19


At four this afternoon, I will be jumping out of a plane. I’m even paying money for the priviledge. When you really think about it, that is one of the most foolish things a person can ever do. Pay a sum of money so that you can pretty much simulate certain death, only to (hopefully) save yourself with a parachute.

But hey, it’s on the bucket list, and I think it’s fitting to go jump out of a plane the day before I move away from home and start college at UW. So, basically, just wish me luck. I’m fine with the whole idea right now from my desk, but something tells me that when I’m staring out the side of the plane, I may suddenly realize how ridiculous it was for me to agree to jump out.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Yogi Roth goes into pretty serious detail on the Stanford rushing attack. Considering the fact that shutting down that run game will be Coach Sark’s biggest challenge next Thursday, it’s a must read.

More childish sniping between the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV. If they don’t want to get a deal done, whatever, but this attempted manipulation of the fans is getting old.

If you haven’t heard, Johri Fogerson has had another incident of misbehavior.

Condotta with a story on the lack of an effective pass rush so far this season.

Percy Allen reported yesterday that Aaron Gordon received a visit at his home from Lorenzo Romar. We will report as soon as we know anything more.