The Morning Haul: 9/18


Morning! After I get you your morning fix of quality Husky links, I will be spending the next several hours cleaning out my childhood room for the move to the University of Washington dorms on Thursday. From then on, all of my writing for the Husky Haul will be done right there on campus.

That doesn’t necessarily change anything about the validity or importance of my writing, but it sure seems like it does. I’ll be living and breathing Huskies (not literally, that’s impractical and dangerous) 24/7, and I like to think it will seem more relevant to me to be writing about Husky sports from the very place those teams call home. Now they aren’t just athletes, they’re fellow students.

None of this will change the tone of my writing. I will continue to be semi-neutral, in that I do not show any sort of bias towards the Huskies in my analysis or my predictions, while still making it fairly clear, mostly here in the morning haul, that I am a fan. I think that’s an important distinction. I wouldn’t be spending all my time writing about Washington if I wasn’t a fan, so there’s no use pretending I don’t care about the teams, but if all I do is show favoritism to the Huskies, nothing I say has any meaning.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Here is the video of Sarkisian’s Monday press conference.

Percy Allen with some notes on basketball recruiting, including the fact that UW has made Kyle Washington’s final four.

Condotta breaks down some non-conference statistics. Worth a look.