The Morning Haul: 9/16


Yesterday was an absolutely wild day for Pac-12 football. Stanford upset USC, Cal nearly did the same to Ohio State, Fresno State treated Colorado like an FCS whipping boy, and Utah’s fans took the idea of the 12th man literally and stormed the field with time still on the clock. It continues an early season trend in the Pac-12: no one knows what is going on, but almost everyone can win or lose any game.

While that is pretty awesome to see both because it is exciting and because it makes the conference look good, it does not make it any easier to project where the Huskies will end up at the end of the season. All of the sudden teams like Arizona and Oregon State could be favored to defeat Washington, and now that Portland State is in the books, Colorado is the only easy win left. I still think the Huskies will win 7 or 8 games, but at this point that projection feels like more of a guess than it did before the season began.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

The News Tribune takes a look at Austin Seferian-Jenkins and breaks down the fake punt from yesterday.

Condotta recaps the performance by position group. If you feel a little fuzzy on who is doing what on the field with all these injuries, this will help clarify things for you.

Steve Kelley explains why exactly Steve Sarkisian felt the need to chew out his players during halftime of a 45-0 game.

Stanford will be in town in 11 days, so it’s time to start reading up on them. Might as well start with their hugely important upset of USC last night. I prefer this story on the game from the ESPN Pac-12 Blog.