The Morning Haul: 9/14


Good morning! Not a lot happened in the Husky Football universe yesterday. Well, I suppose a ton of really important things could have happened, but no one would be allowed to report on them anyway, so it doesn’t matter. If the rest of the offensive linemen on the roster are out for the season, we’ll know tomorrow.

Not a lot happened in my universe either, except that I went to the dentist and had a bunch of cavities on the left side of my mouth filled. It was really terrible and I can’t wait to have several more on the right side of my mouth filled on Monday. At least half my face was so numb that I had trouble speaking for most of the afternoon. That was a treat.

Luckily, there will be a game tomorrow, so I only have one more day of sulking over routine dental procedures. I really don’t care that it’s Portland State. I just want to see the Huskies score a touchdown. Writing about a game that involved Husky touchdowns would be much more enjoyable. If they don’t score a touchdown, I’m going to be even whinier about Monday’s fillings. That’s a promise.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

I think every Husky fan could use a personal face to face meeting with Keith Price during which #17 would look he or she straight in the eye and say “everything is going to be alright.” It would do wonders for the temperament of the fan base. I don’t know how it made Bob Condotta feel, but it would have made me feel great.

Really troubling news that Jon Brockman has injured his right eye in a freak workout accident involving a resistance band. Hopefully he turns out to be okay.

Okay, I know that out of three links this morning, exactly two of them are Bob Condotta. But this one is a super informative Q&A with Ian Ruder, a beat writer covering Portland State for The Oregonian. .

Thanks for reading, I’ll always have more for you tomorrow.