The Morning Haul: 9/12


I’m home! Well, at least for nine more days. At that point I will leave Bellingham and move into my dorm room at the University of Washington. Still, the key is that I’m no longer vacationing on the Oregon coast. I’m back to my desk with an actual computer and keyboard. I apologize for the complete lack of content the past two or three days. Actual scheduled vacation activities coupled with my journey home made it difficult to get anything done. But now I am home, and my entire purpose in life for the next nine days is to write about Husky sports.

That means that from now on you can count on a steady stream of articles from the Husky Haul staff each and every day. I’m back, and I am here to stay. Even the beginning of college will not cause a lapse in content like my vacation, as those were very specific circumstances. From now on, you can count on the Husky Haul to be your source for all things UW sports.

And seriously, thanks for reading. It has been a real joy these past few weeks, and I’m looking forward to the future.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Gregg Bell talking about Thomas Tutogi’s great game against LSU and what it might mean going forward.

A story from the Dawg Pound going into detail about the Husky offensive line issues.

Speaking of the offensive line, starting left guard Colin Tanigawa didn’t practice yesterday, and that’s bad.