The Morning Haul: 9/10


It is Monday morning, which means that around this time tomorrow, I will be leaving the Oregon coast, where I have stayed for the past week or so, and drive back to Bellingham, WA until I move on campus at the University of Washington on the 20th to start school.

So, I will have a span of time where I can consistently cover everything. Hours a day to write, on a real computer even, rather than the iPad I’ve been using for most of my posts on this vacation. I don’t mean to complain, I’ve had a great time running around the beach and yelling at the various Seattle area football teams on the television, but considering this post will put two Morning Haul’s back to back, there’s clearly been a lack of content lately that I can’t wait to remedy.

Look for the level of coverage on this site to reach a new level in the weeks to come, and as always, thanks for reading.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Don’t look now, but UCLA and Oregon State appear to be on the rise! Some may have guessed that with UCLA, but I’m not sure that many people saw OSU defeating Wisconsin. And despite the close score, they really did beat Wisconsin down. You think they miss Russell Wilson much? Anyway, here’s a story about this week in the Pac-12 from Bud Withers.

Jake Locker’s first start wasn’t disastrous, but he was knocked out of the game late with a shoulder injury and the Titans lost to the Patriots pretty convincingly. Luckily, the injury doesn’t look so serious as to keep him out next week. Here’s a report on the game from ESPN.

Who here would be satisfied with the Huskies going to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl? Well, that’s where ESPN projects us.