The Morning Haul: 9/9


Yeah, the Huskies lost 41-3 yesterday. Though I did pick them to lose, a lot of optimism about the game had leaked into my posts, and especially in to the Morning Haul. So, if anything, this game at least taught me a little lesson about expectations. When I know the Huskies aren’t as good as the team they are playing, and when they are playing them on the road, and when I’ve picked them to be beaten, I should probably just stop myself from going on and on about how amazing and program defining an upset would be. The upset, if it ever happens, will then be a pleasant surprise rather than something the gleeful fan-child hiding inside of me borderline expects. At least Portland State doesn’t have a Tiger.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Condotta’s game story. I honestly don’t see the point in posting the other six or seven game stories, as it’s all pretty much the same: the Tigers are better than the Huskies, and it showed pretty blatantly on the field.

Okay, so this link is also to the Husky Football Blog. But it’s really just quotes from Coach Sarkisian about the game, so it isn’t that bad. Just please don’t leave me for Condotta. We can coexist in harmony!

The Dawg Pound has a really thorough update on Husky Stadium’s renovation. Check it out.