The Morning Haul: 9/8


It is game day! Last week, the excitement of that sentence was all about the thrill of the season beginning. Now, it’s about just how important the game itself is. If Coach Sarkisian’s team manages to pull off the upset, it will be a program-altering win over an SEC powerhouse in front of a national TV audience.

I know I’ve talked about this possibility to death, but now that the game is almost here, that feeling has flooded my consciousness. That ever-present “what if?” that allows me to be so excited about a game that no one, not even myself, have picked the Huskies to win. Never before have I wished so badly to be wrong.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

Utah lost to Utah State last night, and in a small way, that loss, and the subsequent backpedaling of every analyst who picked them to be a dark-horse in the Pac-12 South, benefits the Huskies. We play Utah later in the season, after we run the gauntlet of highly ranked teams in the first few weeks, and if Utah plays as poorly against Washington as they did against Utah State, it will be an easy UW win.

Here’s a little bit more info on the news that the Pac-12 Network has reached an agreement with DISH Network.

ESPN’s Chris Low with some discussion of LSU’s loss of left tackle Chris Faulk.