The Morning Haul: 9/7


I have been discussing the LSU game with a friend that is staying on vacation with me. I began to realize that we both speak about the Tigers with a sort of awe. We laugh about the talent, the dominance. We treat them like they play in a whole other league, rather than just a different conference.

To a certain degree, that respect is warranted. The SEC just keeps winning titles. They keep hauling in talented recruits. Teams like LSU play with an overpowering authority that is timeless: running the ball behind huge linemen and defending with brute force and uncommon athleticism. It isn’t new, but it has never gone out of style. Even Oregon, a team that plays like a blisteringly fast riddle no one can quite solve, has failed to usurp these kings of the BCS.

But that doesn’t mean we all have to talk about this matchup like JV versus Varsity. On Saturday, the game will begin 0 to 0, and the Huskies have a chance. Sure, they will probably lose, but talking about Washington like they aren’t meant to play on the same field as the Tigers will not help. Maybe it’s just a problem my friend and I have, but I have a feeling others are heading in to this matchup with the same approach. Perhaps if we stop treating the SEC as a superior entity, they will come back down the earth?

Not sure where I’m going with this one, but at least I have my daily rant out of the way early.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

A great look at Kasen Williams and his history with LSU. Perhaps he will have a little extra motivation to make a difference against the team he once considered joining?

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This story on the USC allegations really clears things up for me. I wondered why people weren’t making a bigger deal out of it, considering the fact that USC is just recovering from the Reggie Bush scandal, but this does a great job of explaining the issue fully. I recommend reading it.