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The Morning Haul 9/6


Alright, you caught me. I slept in. This is getting posted after nine rather than around five. It’s Thursday today, so we’re entering the home stretch as far as LSU goes. I would even imagine those that are headed to Baton Rouge to attend the game in purple and gold are starting to head that direction.

Thursday, for me, means that tonight I’ll be writing up my preview and prediction for the LSU game to post Friday morning. It also means that I’ll be posting a position by position preview of the matchup this afternoon, so check out the site later today for more content.

Even if the game is essentially an unranked team going on the road to play a top three team, I am still getting awfully excited at the possibility of a UW upset or at least the forcing of a competitive game for LSU. This is an opportunity for respect for the program at a national level. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

We’ll start out with several people picking LSU to destroy the Huskies, including Phil Steele, Bruce Feldman, and two fellows from the ESPN Pac-12 Blog.

Also worth noting that LSU’s Left Tackle, Chris Faulk, is out for the game on Saturday. Could help Josh Shirley and the rest of the pass rush.

The daily Condotta piece, this time an article about Travis Feeney’s so far successful switch over to outside linebacker.