The Morning Haul 9/5


It has felt like a really dark couple of days for the Huskies. Someone reading the coverage of the SDSU game would probably assume they lost based on tone alone. The team also lost a couple players to injury, and has to play a game against LSU that no one expects them to win. Now, later today, Jabari Bird will, in all likelihood, announce his commitment to Cal. It all seems so gloomy.

But I’m waking up to the sound of crashing waves and the smell of the sea. After I’m done typing this, I’ll drink my coffee out on the back porch, not twenty feet from the Pacific Ocean. So excuse me if I remember only one thing about the past several days: we won a football game.

Everything we do, I as a writer and you as fans, is concern ourselves with the details of sports teams. All those sports teams do is try to win games. And while we will always get caught up in the details between the wins and the losses, it’s important to keep perspective and realize that a week with one win and zero losses was probably not a bad week.

But hey, maybe that’s just the beach talking.

By the way, the last few days there have only been three links. I will only link the stories I feel are “required reading” for an involved fan. Sometimes that will be five or six links in a day, other times two or three.

Stories Especially Worth Reading:

There was a tiger at football practice yesterday. They also practiced playing football.

The folks over at the Dawg Pound are posing a very important question about the LSU game: what exactly is an acceptable outcome?

An update from Percy Allen on the Basketball team’s trip in Europe, this time a close win in France.